Everyday Story: A New Friend

Laura Prather
4 min readSep 29, 2021
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Most of the time my life is quite uneventful, even lonely. As I’ve grown older, it’s obvious that everyone’s life is like this. 90% same-old-same-old (even really rough and hard at times), spattered with 10% awesome.

That’s why I challenged myself to write every day about something that happened in my day — no matter how boring the day was.

This decision came on Monday night when I was reflecting on the last two years since our family moved from Colorado to a lake town in Missouri. I work from home and between my isolated work responsibilities and the global events of the last two years, I figured that most weekdays I spend 23 hours a day by myself. Yikes!

I work all day, my husband comes home and we have dinner together, then I go back to working, writing, or my daily study time. He heads down to the typewriter shop or watches tv and then goes to bed about two hours before I do. During the week, we really don’t interact but on the weekend we spend more time doing things together.

Either way, “23 hours” was looming large in my mind’s eye and was truly sobering to think about, taking me by surprise like a well-squeegeed glass door.

At first, the ugly fingers of loneliness and self-pity did their best to pull me into their dark abyss of misery. Loneliness used to be a common companion, but I…



Laura Prather

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